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Peter Pan + CD (James Matthew Barrie) level 1 Barrie J.M.

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Our family took a road trip this last weekend 20 hours of driving total and listened to Peter Pan by J. Barrie off and on during the drive and absolutely loved it! My son will be 4 in August and so I know most of it went over his head but I was amazed at how absorbed he was in the story. He kept begging for us to listen to it. My girls, who were 5 and 6 at the time, surprised me by loving the Peter Pan recording from librivox.

Peter and the Starcatcher series is performed by the same reader as the J. Barrie books and it is wonderful. I recommend it highly. Oh, this is perfect! I was just about to start researching some new audiobooks for our road trip this summer.

We are driving from Houston to Richmond, VA in a couple of weeks and working hard to find lots to keep our two boys occupied. We have read some of these but there are lots of new ones here. We love that one! I agree that the Hank the Cowdog series is great fun for the entire family. I have four girls, ages 3, 5, 7, and 9. Some of our favorites: Perennial favorites of the whole family.

Also a kidnapping that ends happily in The Saturdays. So many favorites from my childhood here. I listened to the whole Inkheart series on audio book. The first one is narrated by Lynda Redgrave and it is beautiful. My daughter also really enjoyed the City of Ember series, but she said it was one of the rare instances when the movie was better than the book. Our whole family really enjoyed listening to Mary Poppins while on a road trip last summer.

Actress Sophie Thomson is a great reader! Thanks for this list! Our family loves audiobooks too. We listen to them on our long road trip every Thanksgiving. Gone Away Lake is the perfect summer book! I had a recent post on my blog with some of our other favorites.

It was tough to get those logistics figured out. Thanks for the recs! What a great list! Our kids love audiobooks. How to Train Your Dragon. Narrated by David Tennant? In fact, they have many great ones!

A credit is basically one book. More about that here: Thanks for this post! Love this so much. I love Neil Patrick Harris narration. English by Toledano, C. Spanish by Toledano, C. Plain Jane English by George, G. Henry Allan Plaque No. Herbert George The Plattsburg Manual: Olin Oglesby The Plattsburg Manual: With The choice, or, the pleasures of a country-life. Dedicated to the beaus against the next vacation. Riordon English by Riordon, William L.

Les bords de la route. Poems English by Merrill, Clara A. English by Lovell, Robert Poems: Smith English by Smith, Rebekah Poems: I Italian by Pellico, Silvio Poesie inedite vol. Leprohon English by Leprohon, Mrs. A Quarterly Magazine of Letters. L ten Kate Dutch by Kate, J. Charles Billings Pole Baker: Novelle German by Storm, Theodor Police!!! English by Chambers, Robert W.

Pelham Grenville Polite Satires: English by Hayes, Carlton J. Pollyanna English by Porter, Eleanor H. As it Was and as it Is. Popular Philosophy English by Dom Popolmalamiko: Dramo en kvin aktoj Esperanto by Ibsen, Henrik Popolmalamiko: War Department Portage Paths: Louis John Porto Rico: French by Savine, Albert Le portrait de monsieur W.

With Descriptive and Entertaining Ancedotes. English by Anonymous Portraits of Dr. Gomes Portugal e Ilhas Adjacentes: The Position of Woman in Primitive Society: English by Dietzgen, Joseph, Jr. Arthur Foley The Potter and the Clay: The Practical Astronomer Comprising illustrations of light and colours—practical descriptions of all kinds of telescopes—etc, etc.

Farm, Traction, Automobile, Locomotive A simple, practical and comprehensive book on the construction, operation and repair of all kinds of engines. Dealing with the various parts in detail and the various types of engines and also the use of different kinds of fuel. English by Rathbun, John B. Marie Elizabeth Practical Instruction for Detectives: To which is added a chapter upon the pictorial arrangement of museums.

With additional instructions in modelling and artistic taxidermy. William Theodore A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Perfumery Comprising directions for making all kinds of perfumes, sachet powders, fumigating materials, dentrifices, cosmetics, etc.

Ferdinand Canning Scott Pragmatism: Melvin Randolph The Prairie Traveler: Paul English by Thomas, W. Pray You, Sir, Whose Daughter? English by Gardener, Helen H. English by Townsend, Martin I. Prelude to Space English by Terry, W.

George Augustus The Preservation of Antiquities: Stanley, and Nabil Tnacheri, Transition from Subglacial to Proglacial Depositional Systems: A deeper look into the microseismic events. Sturmer, Thomas Anderson, and Regina N. Domrois, Stephen Marshak, Curtis C. Abert, and Timothy H. Discrete Fracture Network Simulation: Burns, and William D.

Deciphering an Unconventional African Reservoir: Doubek and Weldon Beauchamp, Bennett, and Andrew Head, A Geochemical Perspective , Wallace G.

Source Rock as a Reservoir: A Personal Odyssey , Marlan W. AV Presentation by Marlan Downey, 2 of 6 presentations from forum: The Case for High Risk Exploration: Downey, Julie Garvin, R. Lagomarsino, and David F. Dradjat, Xueyan Hu, and Ridhawulan Primasari, Dradjat and Christian Sony Patandung, Harris, and Cortland F. Drake II and Sean T.

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Or Right-click to download. Future of Microseismic Analysis: El Fouly, Michael Grammer, and Matthew Pranter, Elkington, Said Assous, James A. Whetton, and David Hu, A Major Hydrocarbon Alteration Process. Robbins, and Dean P. Hogg, Fred Kierulf, Murray F.

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Eagle Ford - Colorado Connection: Mulyo, Andre Silva, and Richard Palmer, Visweswara Rao, and George A. Qualitative Evaluation, James D. Fairhead, Ahmed Salem, and Simon E. Po Plain Petroleum Systems: Fassett, , Fassett and Bradford C. Fatoke and Janok P.

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Romans, 3. Gardosh, Yehezkel Druckman and Binyamin Buchbinder, Underexplored Opportunities in the Arabian Plate: Garner, Paul Farrimond, and Marianne Nuzzo, The Search for New Exploration Plays: Bill Gattenby and M. Forgone Oil in the Los Angeles Basin: Cook, and Timothy R. Rufford, and Victor Rudolph, Controls on Hydrocarbon Entrapment and Reservoir Distribution: Hearon IV, and Mark G.

Gent and Stephen A. Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change: Introduction and Overview , by L. A review, ubrqwwbvuterybywzf by K. Gibbs, Clare Bond, Roderick J. Muri, and Zoe K. Salt Shoulders , Katherine A. Gilhooly and John A. Droxler, Jody Webster, and Expedition Scientists, Ginsburg, Jens Herrle, and Sachindra Prasad Glassley and Elise Brown, Glosser and Daniel J. Verrecchia, and Pieter T. Godo, Peng Li, and Michael E. From Core to Pore: Schembre-McCabe, and Keith Boyle, Menezes, and Marleny B.

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Goodbred and Kimberly G. Brian Mahoney, and James Haggart, Gooding and Frank R. Lessons from the Woodlark Basin, Andrew M. Goodliffe, Joe Kington, and Brian Taylor, Goodman and Timothy R. Moody, and Grace Ford, Paul Phip, Gosnold and Anna M. Suriname, South America, Shawn J. Wach, and Allan E. Clarke, and Antoni E. Macquaker, and Mike J. Implications for Hydrocarbon Prospectivity , J.

Quarry, Grant County, Indiana , G. Part 2 ubrqwwbvuterybywzf , G. Michael Grammer, Amy K. Harrison III, Granath and William Dickson, Regionally Connected Structural Systems: Sterne, and Brian W. Drachev, and Thomas E. Eberli, Michael Zeller, and Remke L. Van Dam, Grattoni, Phil Guise, Quentin J.

Fisher, and Rob J. Baffin Bay Elusive Plays: A Geoscience Perspective, ubrqwwbvuterybywzf by Arthur R. Tomorrows Explorers , Arthur R. Global Supply and Demand , Arthur R. Predicting Pore Pressure in Carbonates: Swarbrick, and Stephen A. Scott, and Bitrus Pindar, Green and Ian Duddy, Audra McDonald in Concert: Excellent video with great closeups and sound throughout. A nice job with a quiet show, from the master.

Very clear and nice video with excellent picture and sound throughout, from the master. A great solid touring cast with wonderful performances. Estelle and Shannon are wonderful together and a great capture of the show. Wong, Louis Zorich, T.

New copy direct from the master. Nice clear video of zany puppet show about the contemporary struggles of 20 somethings. Includes Tony Award footage with production number. Great picture and sound with camera coverup for first five minutes and occassionally throughout but not distracting. A very nice capture.

Excellent video with good closeups, picture and sound. Includes the cartoon video at the beginning, from the master. Excellent quality picture and sound; occassional coverups but very good.

Features almost all understudies. Excellent video with good closeups and sound and you can see the cartoons throughout the show, from the master. Only 12 minutes of footage. Very spastic and not always on stage. Great cast and Mary was adorable as Kate. About 5 minutes total of Blackouts. Slightly different script changes from the Broadway version, also Gary is played by a man instead of a woman. Shot around hand railings and horrible sight lines.

Also contains exclusive cd track "Time" by the Original London cast, only available at the theatre. Beautiful capture of the touring cast. This is a terrific cast and Seth was a great understudy. Part of the recording ended up with a weird greenish-tint. Some of the show is in beautiful color, and the other part is in this tint.

Minor head obstructions on the right side, and decent close-ups, if you dont mind the green tint, from the master. Nice capture of the tour cast with one head in the way during the first act, but worked around. Filmed from back stalls, there is a head on each side but filmed around well.

House camera video with a full stage shot and no zooms with good clear sound throughout. Nice video with lots of closeups, some obstruction issues, such as a pole that blocks off part of the stage, but nothing too terrible. Tv made movie musical. In pristine condition and great to watch.

Moments To Remember" where famous people of the time sing their songs from stage and screen. Very good tape overall. Good cast and nice show. Shot from back with good zooms. Quite good for an older tape. Bonus performance by Liz Callaway on talk show. Excellent capture of the US premiere with no blackouts or obstruction. Includes curtain call and encores. Absolutely beautifully pro-shot with multiple cameras in a dance studio. Beautifully shot and amazingly clear! About an hour of pro shot footage used for publicity purposes.

Excellent HD capture of the Broadway transfer. Solid performances from Laura and Corey in this Swing musical. Two of the powerful musical numbers make you want to stand up and cheer, some did! Everything is nicely captured and has a nice mix of shots. Proshot for Australian Broadcast. Great songs and performance. Everything is nicely captured and the setlist is as follows: A great revisal of this coming of age story set in a co-ed Catholic boarding school. Great HD capture from the front row and a very moving story and cast!

Well filmed with few obsructions with clear picture and sound throughout. Complete show with no blackouts and very little washout in a few of the wide shots. Great sound and steady picture, includes curtain call. Pro-Shot at Victoria Palace Theatre. Some good close-ups of this cult show. From the digital master. Nice close-ups and although there are heads in the way often, it is very clear.

Closing Friday night and Kaitlin Hopkins final show. Beautiful HD capture of a PreBroadway premier. This was the second preview and the show ran long. The following week a lot of cuts were made. Shoshana did an amazing job, she is such a musical theatre gem and has unparalleled talent!

Final matinee performance of the pre-Broadway production. Good video with one major issue, the picture is shaky throughout and can be hard to watch. A variety show featuring Beatrice Arthur in her first music and comedy television special. There is a faint buzzing sound throughout most of it. Also includes An Evening with Fred Astaire. PreBroadway capture with a few short dropouts in the beginning of act one, excellent sound and picture.

Wonderful and stunning production with a cast that is perfection! Jessie gives a performance that is incredible, as does the rest of the cast! Beautiful HD capture of the new tour. The cast does a stunning job and has so much energy and power. Abby gives beautiful performace as Carole. Proshot video and an excellent capture of this Lloyd Webber show! Captured live at the Arts Theatre in London, proshot using multiple cameras. Stage Show filmed at Walt Disney World. Three Different versions of the show, two of them filmed using a camera on a tripod.

Runs about 25 minutes. This was supposedly recorded specifically for the Shubert Theatre Organization for their archives. Running an hour and a half, the best quality of the show I have seen-crystal clear video and amazing audio!

Both are terrific specials and together run just over an hour, with lots of footage. Kim Huber and Fred Inkley. Highlights running almost 90 minutes. Great capture and from the master copy and only capture with Paige Davis as Babette. Great capture and from the master copy. Not bad, some head issues here and there with clear sound. Highlights running 46 minutes, Act II only, and more on the pixelated side and gets blurry when actors move until camera re-adjusts.

Suffers from generation loss, but overall nice. William Michals is absolutely wonderful here! Highlights running 58 minutes from Act I: Missing first 20 minutes due to camcorder malfunction. Starts with Maurice wandering into the caste Nice color and sound, great zooms adn close-ups. Great color and sound, great zooms adn close-ups. Pro-shot, full stage shot with no zooms.

Perfect sound from the soundboard. Pro-Shot with no close zooms, a bit blurry with spotlight washout and generation loss, perfect sound from the soundboard. About an hour and a half of highlights of the show when Donny Joined the cast as Gaston. Sarah gives an amazing Change in Me. Great picture and sound quality. Good amount of closeups and good quality filmed from the mid-mezzanine; there is a railing issue for a while in Act 1 but the taper improves. Still a nice video with great closeups of the last Broadway cast, from master.

Great new production of this classic Disney musical. Everything is nicely captured and nice performances from the cast. Being that this production has a smaller budget to tour, it all works very nicely! This was the final performance in New Jersey.

Amazing capture and performance. A great quality video shot from 5th row mezz. Great talent and from the digital master. Performance includes many songs from various different musicals. Pristine quality direct from source. ProShot from the Minskoff Theatre. Wonderfully captured and amazing performance. Includes the Orchestra performing 40 minutes of various Broadway overtures before Bernadette comes out to perform her set list which includes: Picture has a slight tracking issue for the first 20 minutes, then clears up.

New copy of the show, that is low generation. Actually surprisingly very good and much better than many that are out there. A really terrific video of a pretty lousy production. But still, well shot and well worth having.

Dress Rehearsal the day of the show. I saw the actual concert and this is pretty close to the actual concert that night. Actual Performance Professionally shot. Includes Interviews, Broadway Beat, and Menu. Amazing and Great performances. Directed and choreographed by Tommy Tune. This a rare find of this Broadway flop with just 12 official performances. Fairly good video, filmed from the orchestra section, mostly a full stage shot with spotlight washout.

However this is completely watchable. Great HD capture of this show with an all star cast. Disc includes bonus interviews and behind the scenes footage. Great taping with occasional rough spots. Also includes "NY Festival of Song" with opera singers: Nice intimate concert that featured her talking about each song that was requested by the audience members prior to her performing them.

The stories were just as amazing as her vocals. Betty was in wonderful spirits and was having a great time with the audience. Not the best quality, and probably just for fans of the show, but does get better as it goes on.

Suffers from some generational loss. Upgraded Pro Shot video of unedited press reels. Runs about 85 minutes long and includes Broadway Beat Spotlight. Highlights running 15 minutes in length and also includes "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar" performed by the cast on an unknown television show.

Beautiful HD capture of this PreBroadway tryout. This was done the final week of shows and has many changes to earlier versions, stunning capture! Looks to have been recorded from the camera that sends video backstage for the cast.

Stationary, full stage shot. Audio patched directly into recording device. Sound is great, picture is not as good. Nice capture with a few heads in the way, but shot around nicely. Only full video of this revival. Filmed from the left mezzanine in clear HD video. Excellent picture and clear sound throughout. Cover-ups and lap shots for Act 1; good video for Act 2; very good sound throughout; nice closeups when there is a picture. Missing the very beginning of the show.

Much stage searching and blackouts for the first 5 minutes or so, then improves. Heads are in the shot throughout-but filmer does his best to shoot around them.

What is captured is very clear. Includes the dance mega-mix after the curtain call. Excellent show and amazing capture here, crystal clear picture and sound. This features the Asian Billy, and he was an amazing dancer, and gave an amazing performance. Great sound and close ups when able and full shots for dancing. Includes Tv appearances and reviews, from the master. Amazing performance and a beautiful capture. This performance is in my top three theatrical moments ever, it was that amazing.

This also includes the curtain call finale. Great capture with a few quick blackouts throughout the show. Very steady shot with a great mix of shots. A few blackouts during the top of each act. Great crystal clear footage from digital cable. This amazing collection is great quality with complete menus. Missing 15 minutes of show due to battery issues, however every scene that Kiril and David are in are there.

Great shot of the full show and a great cast. Only minor obstruction at the bottom of screen a few times, but nothing too distracting. Highlights running about 30 minutes, 10 of which is blacked out. Almost full show, starting at the boxing scene and missing a few bits here and there. Can be shakey here and there, but overall nice. Beautiful capture of the Chicago cast with the stunning Emily Skinner. This company was always top notch and pleasure to watch.

Includes the extended curtain call routine! Made for television production of the classic play. A decent capture of the full show although there are a few short blackouts and the camera wanders at times. There are also a few head obstructions here and there.

Well filmed from the balcony. It takes the filmer a few minutes to settle, and then the quality improves. The Blonde In The Thunderbird: The show was supposed to run for at least 3 months, but negative publicity and disappointing ticket sales caused an early closing. Finally an amazing copy of this, 2nd generation copy. Picture and sound are great, but sometimes the action is off to the side of the screen.

Also includes backstage footage and interviews, TV appearances, and a Benefit performance given by the cast at a church. Decent quality that is watchable.

Very good quality with unobstructed view performed in Dutch. Proshot from the in house camera system. A wonderful capture and great performances by Denise, a real gem! Some heads in the bottom of the screen but they are shot around very well and completely avoided whenever possible.

Overall, a good video of an amazing cast. A beautiful capture with action well followed in widescreen. A great cast who gives fantastic performances and a wonderful show. Filmed from two different angles, with neither position is completely free of head obstruction.

They are filmed around effectively and action is followed very well. Great capture of this show. Good capture of this this show. Music by Harold Arlen, Lyrics by E. Only includes Act One and missing the last 10 minutes of that Act. Recorded from the central stalls in HD.

Very well captured in HD with action well followed. A very good video of the UK Tour based on the movie. Excellent HD capture of the new musical based on the movie. A very enjoyable musical with terrific songs and performances. Deborah does a terrific job taking on the music of Whitney!

Filmed on the first night of previews. Nicely filmed and crystal clear, however balcony railing visible in the wider shots and in Act Two the first minute is missing. Beautiful Dvd, great picture and sharpness. A few head obstructions and mostly shot between two heads but full of zooms and great close-ups from the dress circle mezzanine. Also includes Broadway GMA performance. Due to battery problems the video ends during Wedding Quawali.

Nice capture of this new Wildhorn show. There are only a couple very short blackouts throughout the show and hardly any washout. A great capture of this shortly lived show. Jeremy and Laura did a great job in the roles and great voices! Disc also includes behind the scenes footage, interviews and reviews. A nice capture of this hilarious original show. A very solid and funny cast. Nikki does a fantastic job acting and vocally. On wide shots there can be heads on the sides, but nothing that really obstructs the action.

Nice capture of the first tour cast. Everything is nicely captured. A great mid stage shot from the House Camera. Captures most of the action, except for extreme action on the far sides. Beautiful HD capture of the Chicago Cast. I can not say enough wonderful things about this company!

They really are rock solid and give terrific performances! Nic and Ben are really sensational and have great chemistry. Clear capture with some spotlight washout, filmed from the stalls in HD. Black and White pro shot and abridged for TV. Nice picture and sound, from the digital master. Beautiful video with lots of close ups, good camera work and lighting. Commonly mislabled this is direct from the digital master. First Act total blackness, too many ushers, so sound only.

Second act is full audio and video. Directed by Julie Andrews. Amazing clarity, with some minor spotlight washout. Pro-shot with multiple cameras of the final performance. Beautiful production with some changes before the show transferred to Broadway. Great video, lots of closeups. Digital video from the master.

Opening night video; great picture and sound and lots of closeups; the two shows listed are different as the show was changing throughout previews; Digital video, first generation from the master. Over an hour worth of footage.